A Flexible Preschool Exploration Program for your Modern Lifestyle. Customize it to fit your schedule!


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Our Preschool Exploration and Child’s Day Out Program for ages 2-5 will debut this Fall in Fishers. We’re conveniently located near Target, just off of I-69 at 116th Street. Choose as few or many days as you need- Seriously- you make the schedule! 

We know that parents have varying schedules, and we hope to bring a new, affordable option to our community. Our play based preschool exploration program is inspired by Reggio Emilia & Montessori learning activities in a multi age setting. We’ll still have our drop-in, full day and flexible options currently offered. Children enrolled in the preschool exploration can come earlier or stay later for additional time to socialize and explore.

Our calendar is still evolving as well as a few final details, but we wanted to share with you what we have! Registration is now open! Please fill out this interest form, and ask us any questions that you have. We’ll be in touch within 48 hours with information to register and to answer any questions! You can always email us too: Info@villageplaycare.com too.

Spaces will be limited as we are a boutique facility and are following social distancing guidelines by currently operating at a smaller capacity.

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( fill out our registration and inquiry form above, and we’ll be in touch soon. You can always email us with any questions. Info@villageplaycare.com)

We plan to start the program officially on Monday August 31st However, once you register, you can take advantage of the pricing if we open sooner!

What is a Playbased, Reggio Inspired Program?

The role of teachers in a play based program is to facilitate and extend play, while guiding children’s learning to support each child’s unique process of discovery. Teachers integrate ideas and interests into group projects and activities that may extend over days or weeks.

We incorporate techniques from the field of early childhood- including Reggio Emilia and Montessori inspirations into the setup and guidance of the classroom. We utilize observations of children at play to create curriculum that is relevant to their interests and skills.

Do they learn letters & numbers?

Yes! See our schedule below. We’ll start with a morning circle time where we’ll do the calendar, since song, read stories, share with our friends. We’ll also introduce monthly letters/numbers/literacy focuses during this time. Then the skills will be reinforced at hands on teacher led play stations, or through independent games and activities. You won’t see a lot of worksheet type of projects ( although occasionally you’ll see some!)- most of the practice is hands on. Eg. tracing letters in sand or playdough, Invitations to play where they count with acorns. Rolling the dice and counting blocks, etc.  We do have monthly themes too.

What is the Cost?

Weekly Rate: If you sign up for at least 2 days a week, you get our special rate of just $9.50/hr for as long as you need.  If you just need us only 1 day a week or on demand, it’s our $10.50/hr rate.

( equivalent to $9.50/hr, and you have full flexibility to switch days and add on hours as needed. This is huge savings from our regular drop in rate! It’s even $1 off our our lowest summer pricing)

Pricing below is for our Preschool Exploration time: 9:30-12pm. You can come earlier or stay later, and you’re just billed to the minute. You can even stay all day!

1 Day $26.25 a week/$105/ month ( equivalent to $10.50/hr)

2 Days:$47.50/week $190/month- $9.50/hr

3 Days: $71.25/week $285/month- $9.50/hr

4 Days: $95/week- $380/month- $9.50/hr

5 Days: $118.75/week- $475/month $9.50/hr

8 pack: $190 Pick any 8 days in the month (If you have a shift schedule, travel or work one week on/week off etc- this is for you!)


Siblings: $5/hr

Sibling Monthly Pricing ($5/hr)

For the 2.5 hour class ( 9:30-12pm). You can come earlier or stay later and it’s just billed to the minute)

1 day: $60  2 days: $120  3 days:$180  4 days: $240  5 day: $300

Full Week Discount: $250 ($225 every other week when it’s a 4.5 day week). Siblings: $200

Includes before and/or after preschool care. Can come as early as 8/8:30 and we have a waitlist for hours after 3pm. We have a limited spaces- so it’s best to register soon as we anticipate a wait list.  Ages 2-5.  We also offer E-Learning Support for School Age.

*pricing is subject to change*

Exploration Time

$9.50 Hour 

example: Our preschool exploration is from 9:30-12. You want your little one to experience lunch and have more time to play, so you’ll pick them at up 1. The extra time is just billed to the minute!   They are completely flexible- seriously!

Or, maybe 9am doesn’t work, and you need to come at 8:30? No problem, you’re just billed to the minute! But you must be enrolled in our preschool program, and attending on that day to receive the discounted rate.

What are the Days?

Monday-*Friday. ( we are closed a 1/2 day every other Friday. We’ll be posting a calendar in August. )You pick the days of the week based on what you want to sign up for.  Example, if you sign up for 3 days/week, you can choose any 3 days in the week. You may also switch those days by week such as Tue, Wed, Thu one week, then the next Tue, Wed, Fri. This gives you the freedom and flexibility for changing schedules!

What are Exploration Hours?

Exploration hours gives your child the opportunity to socialize and play beyond class, and gives you more time to work or do what you need and WANT to do. We’ll have more outdoor time, art time, free play and lunch!

Do I have to register?

Yes, we are offering a discounted rate for our preschool exploration program and will be at 50% capacity, so spaced are limited. You do need to pay the $12 preschool registration fee to enjoy the pricing benefits. If you don’t want to to register for the preschool, you can simply pay our “Drop-in” Preschool and Drop-in Hour rates ($10.50/hr) and come whenever you want!

What are the times?

9:30-12. You may arrive 5 minutes prior.  If you want your child to come earlier or stay later- we just bill to the minute after class.

How does the billing work?

You pick your  schedule such as 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 mornings a week. These day can rotate, or you can keep a traditional schedule.

We’re keeping it extra simple. We’ll get a credit card authorization form from you, and simply charge you at the end of the day- easy peasy and you’ll be emailed a receipt and can check charges online.

If you have a regular schedule, we’ll set you up with a repeating schedule, and you can cancel or reschedule those dates as needed. If your schedule rotates, you can adjust it as needed online.


*This schedule is a guideline and can change at anytime.

Preschool Starts at 9:30 ( children can arrive 5 minutes before with no extra charge, or when we open and that time is just charged to the minute)

8:00-9:30: Free Play Exploration

9:30- :Circle Time (welcome/calendar/numbers/letters/sharing and singing/setting project intentions for the day)

9:45-10:30: Free play/teacher led and independent learning centers and project work/small group activities or special whole class activity (music, large scale art making, etc.) Indoors/outdoors.

10:30 Snack & Cleanup

10:45 – 12:00 Free play/learning centers and project work/small group activities or special whole class activity. Outdoor Play.

11:30: Pickup for those leaving. Kids can stay longer with Exploration Hours

12:00 Lunch

12:30: Outdoor Play/Free Time/Quiet time

1:00-3:00: Afternoon Crafts/Yoga/Story time and Outdoor Play. Naps or Quiet Time for those who need it.

3:15-close ( when open): Free Play Choices, Outside Time

*This schedule is a guideline and can change at anytime