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How do I register?



We’ve Simplified our process! All registration happens when you Book a spot. Go to RSVP to find a time and it’s all handled online. We will need you to bring your child’s immunization form on your first visit ( if a new customer.)


Even if you are a returning customer, you’ll need to create a new account on Sawyer ( under RSVP- but its easy and quick!)

Parent Forms

VillagePlaycareCreditCardAuthorizationForm You can bring with you, or fill out. You can just add the last 4 digits and a staff member will add you CC while you are there. Once it’s in our system, it’s secured through Tuition Express and can’t be viewed by anyone. If parents are paying separately- each parent would need to have a card on file.

Village Playcare Registration Agreement( Liability, Discipline Policy, etc) This is a copy of what you sign online in Step #2. You can refer back to it with this copy.

Parent Handbook: Please read in full, and ask the manager or owner any questions.

VillagePlaycare Discipline Policy

Immunizations Waiver- You’ll bring a copy of your child’s immunizations within 30 days. If you qualify for an exemption you’ll need to bring a medical waiver signed by a physician, or sign our religious exemption if applicable. Simply ask us for a copy of our religious exemption.

Breast Milk Procedure Form: Will need to be signed and kept on file if you have an infant and will be providing breast milk. We have copies that you can sign on first visit.

Medication Authorization Form :( Only needed if your child requires life-saving medication such as Epi-Pen or inhaler. We aren’t able to administer medications, unless life saving in an emergency)

Allergy Kids Emergency Care Plan If your child has a severe allergy, and requires an epi-pen or other medication, please bring this form.