What is a Playbased, Reggio Inspired Program?

The role of teachers in a play based program is to facilitate and extend play, while guiding children’s learning to support each child’s unique process of discovery. Teachers integrate ideas and interests into group projects and activities that may extend over days or weeks.

We incorporate techniques from the field of early childhood- including Reggio Emilia and Montessori inspirations into the setup and guidance of the classroom. We utilize observations of children at play to create curriculum that is relevant to their interests and skills.

We also socialize a lot with song and dance, and let the children have plenty of free play to build their social skills, creativity and independent thinking.

We have a small, real toilet. So they learn independence. We will work with you on potty training as well- just let us know that day how often to remind them etc, and we’ll go from there!

We have certain activities for the younger preschools/older toddlers, as well as more advanced for the older preschoolers/Kindergarteners.

Do they learn letters & numbers?

Yes! You won’t see a lot of worksheet type of projects ( although occasionally you’ll see some!)- most of the practice is hands on. Eg. tracing letters in sand or playdough, Invitations to play where they count with acorns. Rolling the dice and counting blocks, etc.   Our art is also porec

What is the Cost?

$15/hr- so for our 2.5 hour class it’s $37.50, once we offer a full 3 hour time, it’s $45.

Siblings receive a 40% discount.

We will have an early registration discount code- so stay tuned. However, you can sign up the night before or morning of for the drop-in rate, as long as there are open spots.

*pricing is subject to change*


What are the Days?

Mondays– we’re hoping to add more days as we start to fill up.

Do I have to register?

Yes! You can sign up for just the random days that you need, or signup for dates in advanced at a discounted rate ( an email and social media will post the dates for discounts)

What are the times?

9:30-12:30. You may arrive 5 minutes prior.  If you want your child to come earlier or stay later- we just bill to the minute after class.